We make sparkling beverages using the highest quality ingredients.  Our signature drinks are crisp & refreshing, and have the following characteristics: taste, mouth feel, and aromatics.  

All of our sparkling beverages are free of refined sweeteners, colors, artificial flavors and preservatives.  


Our approach is informed by environmental and social practices, and our beverages are a reflection of those values. 

We source from sustainable farms and highlight ingredients harvested from long-lived perennial plants.  


We're a small, independent team making sparkling beverages and introducing them to the world.   

We got our start in the summer of 2012 as a vendor at Green City Market. All of our ingredients were sourced from local farmers and all of our beverages were produced batch by batch. 

Our approach remains the same as we continue to make what we want to drink: using only whole ingredients, processing as minimally as possible, and keeping it unembellished.

Seasons is a favorite among barkeeps, chefs, and tastemakers alike.


Event Partners

  • 826 CHI 

  • Culture Collide

  • Filter Magazine

  • Kinfolk

  • Land + Sea Dept.

  • Lollapalooza

  • Marc Jacobs 

  • MTV